Hello my friends

today I have a new skincare product that I want to share with you.
It’s NEOGENS’s White Sparkling Cream Watering System.
I have been using this cream for a few days now and here is my first impression.


♥ Neogen is a Korean skincare brand
♥ The Neogen White Sparkling Cream belongs to the code9 series.
♥ The cream is waterbased and contains white capsules.

It promises:

♥ brightening
♥ vitalizing
♥ toning and
♥ color correction



The packaging is absolutely to my liking. Korean brands barely dissapoint me when it comes to this. I like the color choice of pastel green and blue as well as the simple design of the container.

The colour of the cream is pastel green and in my opinion it has fresh lemon scent to it.
You still recognize the “regular” cream scent, though. The white capsules are not visible to the eye. I actually expected small micro beeds and that you would literally feel the capsules bursting on your skin. I guess, my imagination had me wrong.

The texture of the cream is super light. You can really feel that its waterbased.


When applying it, I can instantly feel how it moisturizes my skin and softens it. I can recommend it for day as well as nighttime.

As for the promised effects:

  1. I haven’t been trying it long enough, yet to tell definite changes.
  2. Skincare products generally barely have effects on my skin texture (pores, color correction, toning, wrinkles, scarring…) so far. And believe me, I have tried a lot of products. I might not be able to give you a specific review here but still…
  3. This is my favorite face cream at the moment. It moisturizes my face, doesn’t dry out my skin or cause excessive oil production throughout the day. It keeps my skin soft and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels super hydrated.
  4. Don’t forget every skin is different! This cream might be perfect for me but not for you. So don’t let my opinion be the only decision for your choice.


  • Korean Price is 40.000 KRW (~36 USD)
  • Neogenlab sells it for 32 USD
  • (Seems like I was really lucky because I got it for 14 USD at Tk Maxx)
  • contains 80ml of product

You can find all of NEOGEN’s products on their korean and english website.

With love
Julie ♥


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