Fasholution | K-Pop_Red Velvet

Hello my friends

Today I have another series to introduce. Fasholution = Fashion + Evolution.
My plan is to show you the evolution of Girl Group Fashion since their debut.
Even though Red Velvet is currently not promoting I decided to pic them first, because I feel like they have shown a variety of styles in their title tracks. At least, when I think of 3rd Generation K-pop groups.

2014 | Happiness

I had ‘Happiness’ on repeat and even learned the choreography.
I totally loved their dip-dye hair! Same goes for their outfits. They managed to make the school uniform style look unique and fashionable.

2015 | Ice Cream Cake

Yeri joined Red Velvet as a new member and the group had their first win. I was very impressed by the wardrobe and their hair game for Ice Cream Cake. The MV showcases a variety of outfits. I remember them mostly wearing pastel on music shows though (Let me know if I am wrong). And they never wore the light-jackets! I’m still hoping to see them performing in those one day.

2015 | Dumb Dumb

Red Velvet came back with their signature colors. I didn’t like that one-leg-legging thing so much. It looks cool in the MV but during the live performance(s) I thought it was a little unflattering on the girls for some reason. I definitely prefer the ‘casual style’ they wore during ‘Dumb Dumb’ promotions.

2016 | Roussian Roulette

The chlothes during ‘Roussian Roulette’ promotions must have been very comfortable. The casual-sporty look worked very well with the song and the music video in my opinon. I liked all their looks except for the ‘flared pants’ (Irene wears them in the 3rd pic). I would have prefered a simple cut.

2017 | Rookie

I was a little disappointed with the styling for ‘Rookie’. In my opinion this song just screams for something more colorful, bright and cute. I didn’t quite get that feeling from their wardrobe. The song got stuck in my head though.

Let me know what you think and what has been your favorite Red Velvet Look so far?

*I skipped Red Velvet’s Ballad releases for this post.
* Pictures from respective music videos.
Happiness MV
Ice Cream Cake MV
Dumb Dumb MV
Roussian Roulette MV
Rookie MV


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