K-POP | My Top 7 Songs by_BTS

Hello my friends

BTS just won their first Billboard Music Award as Top Social Artist. And being the first K-pop group in history to recieve a BBMA must feel incredible. Congratulations!

I thought that this would be a good time to share my 7 favorite songs by BTS with you. This list keeps changing. So these are my current favorites.

  1. Butterfly (2015)/ Butterfly (Prologue Mix) (2016)
    This song (Regular version) had me from the first second and I think I had it on repeat for the rest of that day. The composition is very beautiful and I like hearing the guitar throughout the song.
    I also have to mention the Prologue Mix Version here. I think it gives a more ‘dreamy’ vibe  with the piano and the more present use of strings.

    ⇒ Listen on Spotify: Butterfly , Butterfly (Prologue Mix)

  2. Awake (2017)
    Strings! It is either the use of strings or piano that would make me like any song. As for Awake. The lyrics to this song are very relatable and I am pretty sure everyone has felt what the lyrics portray  at least once in life.

    ⇒ Listen on Spotify here

  3. Lie (2016)
    The instrumentation and composition for Lie gives a little creepy and horror-movie-like vibe. It is especially present in the verses. As a contrast the chorus kind of relieves all that tension.
    I can also picture this song being performed in a musical.

    ⇒ Listen on Spotify here

  4. Spring Day (2017)
    The lyrics are very well written for Spring Day.
    I like how the prechorus/bridge progresses to the chorus. That part gets me everytime. In case you haven’t seen a live performance for Spring Day yet, make sure to check it out. The choreography is beautiful.

    ⇒ Listen on Spotify here
  5. Blood, Sweat, Tears (2016)
    The cinematography for this Music Video is just mindblowing. The same goes for the whole musical production. I don’t think there is much left to say. You just have to watch and listen.

    ⇒ Listen on Spotify here
  6. Boy in Luv (2014)
    This release is the song that made me pay more attention to the group.  I actually really like the rap sections here. That’s a bit unusual because I generally don’t enjoy large rap sections. I think it’s the rhythm and certain accentuations throughout the rap parts that made me like the song.

    ⇒ Listen on Spotify here
  7. Danger (2014)
    The main reason I first paid attention to this song is definitley the choreography. My taste in music has changed a little during the past years. The instrumentation is a little ‘heavy’ during some parts to my ears now. I still keep the song in my playlist because it’s just so nostalgic.

    ⇒ Listen on Spotify here

Now it’s your turn. I’m curious to know what your favorite BTS songs are!

With Love
Julie ♥

* These are all my personal opinions. It’s totally fine if you don’t agree (:
* I am no professional musician and this is no professional analysis of the songs (:


2 thoughts on “K-POP | My Top 7 Songs by_BTS

Add yours

  1. I don’t know if I could make an actual list, would be too hard to do for me. 😛 Although I do know for sure that I NEED YOU is my most fave if we include the choreo.


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