Fashion | Matching Top & Bottom – The Suit Look

Hello my friends

I am currently watching the Korean Drama Suspicious Partner (with Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun) and I am really liking the fashion for the female leads here.
Matching Suits that go away from the standard black and white.


Suspicious Partner (7)
Casual vibe by adding a graphic shirt
Suspicious Partner (5)
Lovely with rose quartz blouse and serenity bag
Suspicious Partner (3)
Natural colors
Suspicious Partner (2)
Lovely in white and shorts
Suspicious Partner (8)
Rose quartz = ♥ (She’s also worn a serenity suit)
Suspicious Partner (6)
Statement color Royal BLUE

I think you can easily style these outfits down to suit casual occasions and daily life. I would combine the suit with sneakers, a cap, a basic shirt underneath and/or add a backpack. Different fabric and patterns could also add a different vibe to the general suit look.

I have seen suits/ matching top-bottom outfits with fancy patterns and prints now and then on the internet or during fashion week. However, I couldn’t really find out where to get them.
So if you can recommend any brands or online shops, I’d love to know.

Here a few matching sets that I could find on Asos:


ASOS Tailored Crepe Suit with Collar Detail in Ice Blue
ASOS Striped Crop Bow Cuff Jacket and Paperbag Short Co-ord
ASOS Mix & Match Floral Bloom Suit

With Love
Julie ♥


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